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Elementary Grade Level Pages
Grade Level PagePage Link
KindergartenClick Here
1st GradeClick Here
2nd GradeClick Here
3rd GradeClick Here
4th GradeClick Here
5th GradeClick Here

Elementary Specials Pages
Page AuthorPage NamePage Link
Calkins, JasonMr. Calkins Phys Ed pageClick Here
Coates, JannMrs. Coates's TechnologyClick Here
Dotson, LauraMrs. Dotson Elementary Music and BandClick Here
Heaston, CatherineMrs. Heaston's PageClick Here
Lidderdale, SummerMrs. Lidderdale's artClick Here

Middle School Teacher Pages
Page AuthorPage NamePage Link
Airhart, JayMr. Airhart ELAClick Here
Beatty, JenniferMs. Forney's ELAClick Here
Cipar, NathanMr. Cipar's ClassClick Here
Debelius, AshleyMrs. Debelius' WebpageClick Here
Donahue, GregMr Donahue's websiteClick Here
Dudek, TimMr. Dudek's PLTWClick Here
Gamber, JacobMr. GamberClick Here
Gamble, VenaVena Gamble Click Here
Gordon-Coy, NicholeMrs. Gordon-Goy's ScienceClick Here
Gross, Lou AnneMrs. Gross' MathClick Here
Hurless, AdamMr. Hurless PE Health SiteClick Here
Kuykendall, ChristieMrs. Kuykendall's PageClick Here
Lehotay, TheaMrs. LehotayClick Here
Lewis, EmilyEmily LewisClick Here
Lutton, JodyMrs. Lutton's ELA 7Click Here
Manusakis, NicoleNicole Manusakis ELA 7Click Here
Marshall, JeniseJenise Marshall Reading 6Click Here
Massey, KimKimberly MasseyClick Here
McDonald, KellyMrs. McDonald's ScienceClick Here
Nichols, JaneMrs. NicholsClick Here
Nicholson, TojhMr. NicholsonClick Here
Offenberger, GaryMr Offenberger 7th Gr Social StudiesClick Here
Quicci, TrishaMrs. Quicci's ClassClick Here
Roush, ChadMr. RoushClick Here
Skelton, TaylorTaylor SkeltonClick Here

High School Teacher Pages
Page AuthorPage NamePage Link
Armbruster, HannahMiss Armbruster's siteClick Here
Carnes, CraigMr. Carnes' Band PageClick Here
Conner, DianeDiane ConnerClick Here
Crowe, Michelle Mrs. Crowe's ClassroomClick Here
Davis, VictoriaMrs. Davis's SiteClick Here
Essig, ChrisChris EssigClick Here
Gamble, BrianBrian GambleClick Here
Gonzalez-Lidderdale, AmandaSra. Gonzalez Lidderdale's SiteClick Here
Graham, BillMr. Graham's eLearning SiteClick Here
Herstine, JoeMr. Herstine's PageClick Here
Howard, GregMr. Howard's SiteClick Here
Humphrey, MelissaMrs. Humphrey Choir and Fifth Grade Click Here
Irwin, StephanieMrs. Steph Irwin HS ELAClick Here
Jernigan, JeannetteJernigan WebpageClick Here
Kail, SuzanneMrs. Kail's WebsiteClick Here
Keane, EmilyMiss KeaneClick Here
Lampe, ElizabethMrs. Lampe Art Math and CS DiscoveriesClick Here
McBride, TimTim McBride HS ScienceClick Here
McCoy, SteffaniSteffani McCoyClick Here
Morris, AllisonMrs. Allison MorrisClick Here
O'Callaghan, DanielDaniel O'CallaghanClick Here
Pentello, AnthonyMr Pentello 7th Grade LAClick Here
Rasicci, AndyMr. RasicciClick Here
Reidenbach, BrianMr. Reidenbach's PageClick Here
Riesen, KerryMr. Riesen' H.S. Social StudiesClick Here
Schreffler, BrendaBrenda SchrefflerClick Here
Schwall, BrianMr. SchwallClick Here
Shively, StephanieSra. Shively's SV Spanish ClassesClick Here
Swank, StacyMrs. SwankClick Here
Trachsel , LoriMs. Trachsel's PageClick Here
Tucci, DouglasMr. Tucci's PageClick Here
VanMeter, MelanieMrs. Vanmeter's PageClick Here
Veigel, JenniferMiss Veigel CounselorClick Here
Warstler, JamesMr. Warstler's WebpageClick Here
Westrich, GaraMrs. westrich's Algebra 1Click Here
White, RyanRyan WhiteClick Here
Wiggs, GregoryMr. Greg WiggsClick Here